Altus Area Spay and Neuter Program

AASNIP Prices for 2021:

$25/Dog ~ $20/Cat

 covers the cost of surgery, rabies vaccine, pain meds, transport to/from OK Humane in OKC


Since it started in 2016, the Altus Area Spay Neuter Incentive Program [AASNIP] has provided thousands of subsidized surgeries to animals in the local community. Pets are taken to the OK Humane Place, a clinic in Oklahoma City, and return the same day.

  Please contact us at 

(580) 471-0392

to schedule an appt.


  • MAR 1

  • MAR 29

  • APR 19 - 

  •  MAY 17 - 

  • JUNE 14 -

  • JUL 12 - 

  • AUG 16- 

  • SEPT 20- 

  • OCT 18 - 

  • NOV 15 -

  • DEC 13 - 


Guidelines for Spay/Neuter Services


  1. Pet can have nothing to eat after midnight the night before.  Keep water available to pet.

  2. Make sure your pet has had time to poop/potty before arriving at Community Center.

  3. Arrive at the Community Center (near City Reservoir on Falcon Rd) NO LATER THAN 6:30 am. (**All runs leave at 7:00 am.)

  4. Leave your pet in the vehicle until all paperwork and check-in is complete.

  5. CRATES -You may use your own crates, but we also have crates to loan out.  **Please request a crate to borrow prior to showing up that morning.  Only Thoroughly Cleaned Plastic Crates may be used.  Always make sure your crates are tagged with your name and phone #. We do provide tags if needed.

  6. Sign ALL necessary paperwork before leaving your pet.

  7. Animals come back the same day...please check the AAWA Facebook page for accurate arrival time at the Community Center.  Depending on the number of pets, it is between 5:30pm - 6:30 pm.



  • If your pet does not have a rabies certificate from a certified vet, then your pet will be required to have a rabies shot at the time of service at no additional cost to you.

  • We will need a copy of the original certificate from your vet if your pet has an up-to-date rabies shot.  


  • No animal will be sent home with pain medicine.  They are given pain meds before they leave the clinic.

  • If you send your female pet and she is PREGNANT, she will still be spayed.

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