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A Wonderful Tail

It has been said, “Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever,” and it did for one lucky girl at the Altus Animal Shelter. Rosie, an almost two-year-old mutt has been living at the shelter since May of this year. She is smart and sweet but unfortunately, no one has noticed her at the shelter. Dogs like her who stay in the shelter for far too long end up with an unfortunate fate. Luckily for Rosie, that is all about to change at the Barktoberfest.


Elissa Cornette with Rosie

Thankfully, a week after the Barktoberfest, E’lyse and Elissa reconnected online when the latter posted Rosie’s picture on social media in the efforts to find her a perfect home. This time the Peterson’s are ready to take her in and bring her home. 


Now Rosie not only has one but two families she can call her own! 


With so many dogs up for adoption, Rosie has to compete for a chance to find a family. As luck would have it, she met E’lyse And Geordan Peterson, a couple who recently moved to Altus, OK. They wanted to bring her home right there and then, but sadly, they were still waiting to get into their house, so the situation was not ideal for adopting a dog. Through her affectionate charm, Rosie found another family, Elissa and James Cornette, who were willing to foster her until she found a home. 


E'lyse and Geordan Peterson with their furbabies Sheila (left) and Lilo aka Rosie (right)

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