Volunteer at AAWA

Our volunteers help us provide the animals the care they need and the love they deserve. Email us altusanimalwa@gmail.com for more information about volunteering in your area of interest!


  • AASNIP Spay/Neuter Runs (one day/month)

    • Telephone Hotline Operator – answer the AASNIP phone and schedule pet owners for surgery dates

    • Reminder Caller –  call pet owners already scheduled for surgery dates to remind them of the appointment and go over pre-surgery information

    • Check-In Table – help pet owners fill out paperwork the day before the AASNIP run and the day of the AASNIP run

    • Pet Loading/Unloading – help get pets into crates for AASNIP runs and help with loading and unloading the Puppy Express transport van

    • Local Pet Transportation Specialist - must have own vehicle and be at least 18 years old. You will be transporting pets to and from owner's home to bring it to the Puppy Express loading area.

Volunteer at the Shelter

The Altus Animal Shelter is always in need of volunteers who are willing to share their love and time with wonderful animals in their care. For more information please call 580-481-2285.

  • S.H.A.P.E. Program – Shelter Health and Pet Enrichment Program 

    • Enrichment Volunteer – work under the direction of the S.H.A.P.E. Director at the Altus Animal Shelter to provide enrichment activities for the dogs and cats housed at the shelter. Examples include: playing with the cats and giving them attention outside of their kennels, teaching dogs basic commands, making edible treats, preparing animal puzzles and toys for the dogs and cats.

  • Altus Shelter Spay/Neuter Clinic (starting Summer 2019)

    • Clinic set-up and clean-up Volunteer

    • Pre-Op and Post-Op animal care Volunteer

Make a Difference

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