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Spring into Safety

Spring is here. The days of staying indoors bundled up are finally over (at least we hope!) While everyone is excited about all the fun activities outdoors with your pets please remember to keep them safe.

  • Spring Cleaning products If you are using chemicals indoors or wherever your pets may be, please make sure you are using pet safe products. Also be mindful of where you keep them. Your pets may get clever for the wrong reasons and that can lead to disasters.

  • Grow your garden safely -  Make sure to keep the chemicals safe from your pets. Also,be mindful of what flowers you choose to plant. A lot of popular springtime plants—including rhododendron and azaleas—are highly toxic to pets and can prove fatal if eaten.

Dog Walker
Wild Flowers
  • Keep their paws off the Easter goodies - We all love to clean up and make our homes look nice for the Easter gatherings, but please make sure the Easter chocolates and decorations are not within your pets reach. Also, kitties love to nibble on colorful plastic grass, which can be harmful to them. 

  • Flea and Tick Prevention - as your pets get more active and go outside more often, please make sure to use the proper dose of Flea and Tick medicine.

  • PLEASE STOP BUYING CHICKS OR BUNNIES- While both chicks and bunnies can make good pets, they do require specialized care. Most families who receive these gifts are unprepared or unwilling to care for these vulnerable animals, and those that do survive the first few post-holiday weeks are often given to animal control or a local animal shelter. 

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