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Winter Safety Tips

Most of us are aware of the ill effects of hot weather on animals. However, people can overlook the cold weather, especially since most pets have fur. Make sure to know what your dog’s breed can or cannot handle, don’t forget to take into consideration their size.

Here are some reminders on how to keep your pets safe during winter time.

  • When temperatures start to drop, please do not leave your pets outside. Depending on the thickness of their fur and their size, pets can feel cold faster than you think. If you cannot keep your pets inside the house, please make sure they have a dry and warm shelter with plenty of food and water.

dogs in robes
dogs in sweater
  • If you are taking your pet for a walk make sure to dry your pets once they come back inside. This will help them warm up faster and remove any harmful chemicals they might lick off their paws.


  • Do not leave your pets in the car unattended. We are all familiar with how hot a car can during the summer, but not a lot of people are aware that vehicles can also become extremely cold without the heaters on during the winter.

  • Check underneath your car or honk the horn before starting the engine and leaving your driveway to encourage stray or outdoor cats to abandon their hideout under the hood.

  • Consider your pets overall health. Older animals, especially those with heart disease or diabetes may need extra help with regulating their body temperature. Puppies and kittens are also sensitive to cold. It is better to consult your veterinarian to get some advice on how to accommodate your pets needs. ​

Boy Cuddling with his Dog

A good rule of thumb to follow is “if it is too cold for you, then it must be too cold for your pets too.” Please keep safe and enjoy cuddling up to your four-legged pal this winter. 

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